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Still Fixing PCs, SAFELY

Hello Everyone

Now we’re all in this scary situation, I had thought of shutting down for the duration. A travelling computer tech would be an infection risk, I thought. But then I also realised that during the social distancing period, which could go on for some considerable time, the functionality of people’s computer’s is becoming increasingly important; staying in touch, ordering food and having something to do etc.

It is with this in mind, that I propose to offer the following.

No onsite repairs are to be carried out. Systems can be dropped off here or picked up by me, but the less time we’re in close proximity the better (I’ve heard THAT before).

Just Drop It Off with Me

Arrange a time and date to drop it off. Weather permitting, you should knock on the door and leave the system at the door, taking a few steps back. The system again will be worked on and cleaned thoroughly before making arrangements to give it back.

Whenever handling client’s belongings or interacting with clients I shall be wearing a mask and disposable gloves (having used hand sanitiser before and afterwards) at all times

From Viruses to Screen Replacement

Infections, repairs and upgrades

Getting your PC running as it should